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Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum “Operation Hangar Cleanup” – Part Two

Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum "Operation Hangar Cleanup" - Part Two

  The Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum is a real source of pride for anyone who lives in Compton.  Housed at the Woodley Airport since 2001, it is the home of several outstanding youth programs and the first non-profit flight school in the entire country! The youth programs offer kids from the community tutoring, mentoring, and a [...]

Christmas Around Compton — Part Three

Christmas Around Compton -- Part Three

I was standing outside in the rain at the annual Ortega Holiday Party, put on by Community Lawyers, Inc. and El Nido Family Centers. My head was cold and my jacket was damp. My feet were downright soggy.  My heart, however, was full, because the smiles on the kids’ faces were pure sunshine! A special shout out [...]

Christmas Around Compton — Part Two

Christmas Around Compton -- Part Two

In the midst of stormy weather, the neighbors on Peck Street gathered for a neighborhood Christmas dinner the weekend before Christmas.  Two huge tents provided shelter, City Church of Compton provided the ham, and each individual family brought a side dish.  Although the clouds cleared a bit in the morning before the event was to [...]

Christmas Around Compton — Part One

Christmas Around Compton -- Part One

Even though the holidays have passed, it’s not too late to celebrate the Christmas Spirit that was displayed around Compton throughout the month of December! From giving and serving to feasting and celebrating, I want to share just a few of the moments I had the privilege of capturing during that time, the first of [...]

Building Community on Peck Street (Part 2)

There’s no freedom like that of a child that’s totally in the moment.  Worries and cares (and cleanliness) are all cast aside — all that matters is the joy and experience being sought at the time. That freedom makes children beautiful.  They are even more beautiful when they can hold onto that essence in the [...]

Building Community on Peck Street (Part. 1)

Building Community on Peck Street (Part. 1)

I’m pretty sure cities are transformed one family, one block, one section at a time.  Many people in Compton love this city and want to build a stronger sense of community in their neighborhoods. On Easter Sunday just passed, several such families came together to host an all-invited BBQ for their entire street!  They fired up [...]