Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum “Operation Hangar Cleanup” – Part Three


“Operation Hangar Cleanup” was a wonderful day of celebrating history while looking toward the future.  It was an event filled with history-makers themselves, as members from the Los Angeles chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen, former Captain Fred Pitcher of Western Airlines, and record-setting young pilots were on hand to join the clean-up crews.  These are my final pictures from that day — enjoy!



Polishing a miniature version of history




Robin Petgrave, Founder and President of Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum



Recruiting for the future





Captain Fred Pitcher, the first African-American pilot ever hired by Western Airlines. His accomplishments alone could fill a history book -- google him!



The beauty of yesterday's history sharing a moment with recent history, as members from the LA chapter of the prestigious Tuskegee Airmen chat with Kimberly Anyadike. Last year Kimberly became the youngest African-American female to fly solo across the continental US. She was fifteen!







Pondering the past...or the future?



Future pilots? Because of TAM, that dream could actually become a reality for these young men- even before they've graduated high school!





Streaming live with the Hub Radio Station







If you would like to learn more about Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum and its outstanding community programs, or about Kimberly Anyadike, as well as other record-setting youth pilots, visit their website at

If you would like to learn more about the historical Tuskegee Airmen, and the role they played in WWII as the country’s first African-American fighter pilots, visit

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  1. Kyle C. says:

    Another great entry!! I enjoyed the pictures and descriptions!

    Great work!

  2. tonya says:

    Thanks Kyle — it was a joy for me!

  3. Shelby says:

    Tonya -
    I get so much joy from seeing your work! The fact that this blog even exists makes me so happy. Just fabulous!

  4. tonya says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. I posted this fabulous blog on our Facebook page to share with our supporters that weren’t able to attend in person. I hope that the link will bring more traffic to your website and all of the positive change heppening in Compton. Thanks again, Tonya!

  6. tonya says:

    Thanks so much Myra — I hope any photos I took continue to direct support towards the great work you all are doing!!

  7. Michael Hill says:

    I love the high resolution photos on your blog, Tanya. You do an even better job of promoting things in our city than the city’s website. This is easy on the eyes, contemporary and informative. Keep up the great work. I appreciate it and will tell friends for sure. God Bless.

  8. tonya says:

    Thanks Mike — there is so much more that I’d like to cover but don’t always get to, due to time or just not knowing. Please feel free to msg me anytime you know of something that might be good to cover. If I can get there, I will. Blessings!

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