Picture of the Week — EBA Wrap-Up

I decided that while I’m continuing to work on other articles, I’m going to start posting a weekly favorite shot.

This past Saturday the Educated Ballers (featured in my last article) had their final championship games.  My son’s team, the Warriors, actually won their game in overtime, to clinch third place.  Though they’d played their hearts out, they hadn’t exactly had a winning season, so when they realized they had actually WON the game — they immediately rushed their coach, Craig Calloway.

All 8 kids jumping on him at once in pure, as-only-children-can joy.  It was a beautiful moment.

And an easy pick for my first “Favorite of the Week”.

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  1. Grandma Warfel says:

    I am proud of our grandson’s team. I got to go to the very first meeting with the coach at Easter weekend. Congrat’s to all. And Zack good job.

  2. Glad to see Zack and his team won a game! When I coached him, I don’t think we won a game either! The most important thing is not winning or loosing, but knowing the benefits of building a team and being on a team. These benefits, if given proper coaching, will be with the players (and parents) for a lifetime.

    I’m also glad to be part of bringing the EBA/Salvation Army partnership together! The Lord blessing the partnership (the fabulous EBA logo, and The Salvation Army logo (145+ years of outstanding service to God and community))can go a long way.


    Martin, Capt.

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