Christmas Around Compton — Part Two

In the midst of stormy weather, the neighbors on Peck Street gathered for a neighborhood Christmas dinner the weekend before Christmas.  Two huge tents provided shelter, City Church of Compton provided the ham, and each individual family brought a side dish.  Although the clouds cleared a bit in the morning before the event was to begin, the sky poured down in buckets when people started arriving! No matter — people came in their coats, carrying umbrellas, food, and children along the way.  All in all around 130 people gathered together. No one seemed to care much about the rain, the cold weather, or the rain dripping between the tents!

It was a beautiful picture of what has been happening on Peck Street.  Just last year at this time, gang members hanging out on the street dictated much of what was happening in the neighborhood. Break-ins were common and people feared going out at night.

However, in the past several months, folks are saying that a  tangible peace has descended onto the street.  The gang members have been banished, neighbors are moving about more freely, and people are starting to know each other better. It’s a slow transformation, but a transformation none the less.

And it’s what’s happening on the Other Side of Compton!!!

A rainy welcome!

When it rains, it POURS!!!

"Chicken Little" -- as he is known to his family!

Families compete in the "Christmas Carol Challenge"

Lined up and ready!


A child's wonder -- the beauty of Christmas!

4 Responses to “Christmas Around Compton — Part Two”

  1. Britt Boerigter says:

    I love these pics Tonya. I recognized a couple of my students….so fun!

    And can I just say “Chicken Little”….LOVE THOSE CHEEKS!!!!!

    Keep it up T. You are doing a great job!

  2. tonya says:

    Yes, he’s darn cute. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures from the entire year! Can’t wait to give a copy to his family!

  3. Julie says:

    Thank you for sharing this Tonya! What a great day!

  4. tonya says:

    It was truly a great day! Lots of community spirit in the air!

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