Christmas Around Compton — Part Three

Meeting Santa -- rain or no rain!

I was standing outside in the rain at the annual Ortega Holiday Party, put on by Community Lawyers, Inc. and El Nido Family Centers. My head was cold and my jacket was damp. My feet were downright soggy.  My heart, however, was full, because the smiles on the kids’ faces were pure sunshine!

A special shout out to the 40+ volunteers, as well as the various donations from local businesses and individuals, that made the party possible.  In spite of the rain, and therefore a last minute change of venue, at least 300 presents were handed out that day as everyone huddled together under tarps in the parking lot behind CL’s office.  The coordinators persevering to get gifts into those family’s hands were a true testament to the Spirit of the season! It was a beautiful event, marked by the servant hearts (and wet feet!) of all those who made it happen!

Throwing up tents to provide shelter for all the guests

Tamales -- steaming and ready to eat


Masters of the grill

Packing lunch sacks...

First Christmas


Judith Sandoval, standing in the rain in order to direct the party

Every child received a gift


Smiles like this one warmed the day

Ending the day with a second hot dog.

Both Community Lawyers, Inc. and El Nido Family Centers are fantastic organizations that offer special services to our community.  If you are in need of legal or family services, please check out their websites, linked to their names above!

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  1. Luz says:

    Tonya –

    Thank you for donating your time and talent to help us capture our efforts during the holiday season. Without your pictures the story would not be told.

    Thank you.


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