Christmas Around Compton — Part One

Beautiful Chaos at Willard Elementary

Even though the holidays have passed, it’s not too late to celebrate the Christmas Spirit that was displayed around Compton throughout the month of December!

From giving and serving to feasting and celebrating, I want to share just a few of the moments I had the privilege of capturing during that time, the first of which happened at Willard Elementary in Compton.

On a normal Friday, local artist and muralist, Sara Christensen, gives her afternoon to a class of third graders at Willard, where she teaches them the basic fundamentals of art. But on a special Thursday in early December, Sara showed up at Willard with a surprise for every third grader.  She raised enough donations from friends and community members to provide a personal art kit (complete with 100 pieces and every art medium you could imagine!) for every one of the 150 third graders at the elementary, much to their joy and excitement.  The students were called in class by class, the gifts were handed out, and…the cafeteria was full of screaming, smiling third graders — tearing off wrapping paper and grinning from ear to ear when they saw their gift!

You may open your gift at the count of, two...


Something for everyone!

Something just for me!

What a great way to kick off the Christmas season!  What a great way to continue to spread beauty in Compton!

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  1. Britt Boerigter says:

    I love these kids!!!! Thanks for documenting that fun day!

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