Building Community on Peck Street (Part 2)

There’s no freedom like that of a child that’s totally in the moment.  Worries and cares (and cleanliness) are all cast aside — all that matters is the joy and experience being sought at the time.

That freedom makes children beautiful.  They are even more beautiful when they can hold onto that essence in the midst of difficulty.  Compton can be a challenging place to grow up.  But the kids here — they are spectacular!!! They are funny and honest, charming and shrewd.  They are tough-skinned, generous, and incredibly resourceful. They are straight-forward and direct —  they expect you to be too.  They may be slow to trust, but once you’ve proven yourself, they will love you til the next part of forever.  The children in Compton are beautiful!

There was beauty present on Peck Street that Easter Sunday — a whole lot of it.  Come take a peek!  You never know who you might be viewing — Kentrell might discover the cure for cancer.  BJ might develop youth programs for children someday.  Angelina might even grow up to be president of the United States!

These children ARE the new Compton!

And my personal favorite, cuz every parent knows it can get kinda rough in the jumper!

4 Responses to “Building Community on Peck Street (Part 2)”

  1. Craig & Evie Chapman says:

    Brings back great memories of an even greater day in Compton. You captured these wonderful kids so well Tonya. Thank you!

  2. Hub says:

    Nice pics, great blog!

  3. tonya says:

    Thanks HCL — your support means a lot!

  4. Katy White says:

    thanks for the amazing pictures, wonderful blog, and inspirational stories. I can’t wait to see all that God does on Peck street and in everyone’s lives in the neighborhood.

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