Building Community on Peck Street (Part. 1)

Pouring out of the garage after the eggs have been hidden.

I’m pretty sure cities are transformed one family, one block, one section at a time.  Many people in Compton love this city and want to build a stronger sense of community in their neighborhoods. On Easter Sunday just passed, several such families came together to host an all-invited BBQ for their entire street!  They fired up the grill, rented a jumper (in our community you can’t have a party without a jumper!), planned some games, hid 1000 eggs throughout 2 lots (OK –admittedly with 1000, more were “scattered” than “hidden”!), and invited everyone on Peck Street to come.  The afternoon was a huge success!  From the boys playing basketball in their Easter suits (how’s that for freedom?!) to the families grubbin’ hot dogs around the tables, people were enjoying each other.  Over 150 people participated!  That following week neighbors commented, “I met people at the BBQ that I haven’t met in 6 years of living here!”

Here are a few shots that show off the day.  Next I’ll post a bunch of the children that attended (my personal favorites!),  since they were obviously the stars of the event.

Here’s to birthing a new Compton — one BBQ at a time!

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