A New Don for Dominguez — the Process

Things are not the same since Mr. Rigoberto Roman took over as Dominguez High’s new principal in 2009. As he promised students and faculty at the beginning of the school year, “Together, we are going to make changes around here. Dominguez High is going to be different…”

Those promises rung true throughout the year, as the school embarked on its greatest beautification project since being built. On October 17th, Dominguez partnered up with the Compton Initiative — faculty and local volunteers worked alongside 200 Dominguez students that day to clean, landscape, and paint a portion of the school. This was a record breaking day for the Compton Initiative, as Dominguez brought the highest student participation of any other school renovation!

Best of all were the stories Mr. Roman later shared of student reaction come Monday morning. Along with the expected delight over the renewed beauty of the school, comments were overheard such as these…
“See that bench? I painted that bench!”
“Where were you Saturday? Why weren’t you here? Man, you missed it — you shoulda been here!”
“Mr. Roman, when’s the next work day? When are we gonna have it? Next time, we gotta get EVERYbody here!”

The students’ wish is coming true this Saturday, July 24th, as the Compton Initiative and Dominguez High will host the next phase of beautification — painting the rest of the school fence and buildings, adding more landscaping, and continuing to lay concrete over dirt paths.

Won’t you come join us and show Dominguez students the hope we have, as a community, for their future? Throw on some old clothes, set the alarm clock for the crack of dawn, and be at Dominguez High by 7am! (Dickinson Elementary and 15 other homes will be work sites as well). You won’t regret your day of service — both you and your community will be blessed in the process!!!

Visit www.justdogood.org for more information.

Starting at the front...

Students "balancing" work and play!

Giving the gym a facelift.

Principal Roman leads by example.

Team Work!

One of the Dominguez faculty works around the office.

Rebuilding the stage in the Sr. Quad.

Students sign in to get their extra credit points.

Pastor Ken Korver from Emmanuel Church chats with Dominguez High assistant principals and faculty.

Last man standing...

Coming up — pictures of the final results of the first work day at Dominguez High!

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  1. Marilynn Stubbs says:

    Mike and Tonya,

    How exciting to watch your vision turn into reality!! We will continue to pray. You are both an encouragement to so many others.

    Your sister,

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