A New Don for Dominguez — Round One Results

Hi folks — It’s been two months since I’ve posted anything.  I took some time off this summer — worked on learning (and relearning) some photoshop skills, took a lot of family photos, and ignored this blog for far too long!  However, the fall has descended quickly with so much going on — and my camera has been busy!!!  I’ve got lots of posting to catch up on, so let’s get started…

First up — the results pictures from the first phase of the Dominguez makeover.  These are older images from an older camera, so their quality is not great, but hopefully the new beauty of Dominguez will still shine through.  Get used to looking at this high school, cuz it’s been undergoing a transformation for almost a year —  Many areas of the campus have really been beautified and there’s a LOT to show off!

What a difference a newly painted fence can make!

New concrete now paves the way to a newly faced gymnasium...

...and covers the entire area outside the cafeteria and the Sr. Quad!

An up close shot shows that the old cactus garden has begun to be rooted out. No more spiders, dust, and dirt!!!

A newly remodeled stage tops the brand new concrete.

Newly planted treees line the athletic fields, compliments of Angel's Landscape.

And freshly repainted iron fences supply the finishing touch.

Great job Dominguez students, staff, and all the community volunteers!  Things can only continue to get better from here!

8 Responses to “A New Don for Dominguez — Round One Results”

  1. HCL says:

    D High never looked so good! Many thanks and much appreciation for all those who worked to make this such a successful event! Just Do Good!!

    c/o ’94

  2. Grandma Warfel says:

    This is great — I am a proud momma.

  3. Helen Lee says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these! What you’re showcasing reminds me of what Malcolm Gladwell talks about in Tipping Point, how context is so important–the fact that you and so many people care about the beautification of Compton sends a powerful message of hope and optimism to the rest of the community. Keep sharing these photos, they are a wonderful ministry in and of themselves!

  4. Bonnie says:

    I am excited for Compton! You did a great job capturing the hope and future of this school, Tanya.

  5. Larry Dove says:

    on this past Monday (09/27) Alma Vargas (Compton Initiative Coordinator) and myself had the opportunity to chat with Romero Rigoberto – principal of Dominguez. In the conversation he stated that the Compton Initiative had earned his highest respect. He stated that “we are the real deal”. For Alma and myself, his comments were like a cold cup of water for 2 weary and thirsty travelers. Alma and myself labor diligently to not only make our Just Do Good day successful and fruitful. But also our heart is about relationships … going the extra mile to bear evidence to people that we care about you, your community, your school, your teachers, your students, etc. Principal’s Romero comments revealed that our labor to transform Compton is not in vain. BTW – our next “Just Do Good” is scheduled for October 16th. The Compton Initiative has committed to painting the entire school I dare you to come and jump to make a difference …

  6. tonya says:

    Yes, Pastor Larry (and Alma!) — your hard work is not in vain. After all, your efforts are boosting the spirits of the very people on the front line, fighting to transform our city. After hanging out with Mr. Roman the other morning and hearing him say how encouraged he has been, Alma and I walked away with such satisfaction. As I said to her then, that is worth so much more than a few coats of paint and some fresh concrete!!! Community in action is powerful and cannot be stopped!!! We all give, but we receive far more — another beautiful contradiction! :)

  7. Sara says:

    the before and after transformation is amazing! i’m so excited to be partnering with so many who truly care about the transformation of not only a single high school but an entire city! The best is YET to come! I can’t wait to see the support on Oct. 16th!

  8. Awww!! It looks AWESOME!!

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